22 sep 2022
Darkly project image presentation


The Darkly is 42 Web security pen test project The objective was to find 14 breaches, each of them giving a flag. For each breach, we wrote how we found it, how the breach can be exploited and how the breach can be avoided.

At the root of the repository, we created a directory for each breach containing the flag, and optionally the ressources that were needed to find the flag. For instance, we had to find a file containing a flag among 18,000 other files, and we wrote a JavaScript script to help us.


31 jul 2022
Turing project image presentation


Classic Turing and Universal turing machine interpreter and web visualizer. A turing machine is a state machine, containing states and transitions between states. Each transitions involves a read input and write on input.

The user has to defined how he wants his Turing machine to work and then submit it to the interpreter that will parse and validate it to finally interpret each transitions before reaching a final state.


18 may 2022
Musicroom project image presentation


The musicroom is an iOS, Android and Web application for real-time collaborative music listening and playlist editing.

Users can create Music Track Vote session inviting friends suggesting and voting for the next to be played. But also Music Playlist Editor session where they can edit in realtime playlists that could be later exported as Music Track Vote session.

Devblog | Portfolio

12 may 2022
Devblog | Portfolio project image presentation


The website you’re normally actually on. The idea is to improve my learn in public overall. Writting things on issues I’ve faced or things I’m interested in. But also listing projects I’ve been working on with a lot of cool people. Using Astro for fast and performant static website.


13 jun 2019
Corewar project image presentation


The corewar regroups:

An ASM compiler, that convert Corewar Champions file “.s”, into binaries files “.cor” that are readable by the Virtual Machine.

The Virtual Machine is the arena, where everything takes sense, rules of the game are checked by the vm.

Champions, they are reading the circular memory and applying the instructions they receive. The main instruction is “live: champion’s number”. A Champion dies if he doesn’t call a live in CYCLE_TO_DIE cycles. When all processes are dead, last calling live champions is checked to elect a winner.