Broadcast Channel

10 oct 2022

While working on the musicroom we’ve had to synchronize every app’s pages on user authentication updates. To do so we’ve been working with the Broadcast Channels. Later I’ve struggled to remember the exact name of the API we’ve been using that’s why I’m writing it down here.

The Broadcast Channel API is a great tool to communicate between several windows/iframes/tabs from the same origin by posting and listening to messages. In this way on the user log in nor log out from a tab, you could reload every app’s pages to avoid unsynced views.

// Listening to broadcast channel messages
broadcastChannel.onmessage = (event) => {
  switch ( {
      // On message reception logic
    default: {
      console.error("encountered unknown broadcast channel message");

// Sending broadcast channel message

// Disconnecting the channel

For further information have a look to Broadcast_Channel_API